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DriveTrain / Re: Just can't make my 301 run correctly
« Last post by Aus78Formula on Today at 02:52:45 AM »
Plus you're comparing 100 extra cubes, regardless of tuning or setup, pointless.
DriveTrain / Re: Just can't make my 301 run correctly
« Last post by Dinero on Today at 02:33:50 AM »
so what is the process to Retune a N/A 301?
DriveTrain / 1980 T/A 301ci original exhaust pipe size(diameter)
« Last post by Dinero on Today at 01:14:33 AM »
What is the original exhaust pipe size that came on a 1980 T/A 301 carburated, 2" oe 2.25"?

Also does anyone sell RamAir exhaust manifolds for the 301?

Did search but could not find any information on this. Thank you
Cars for Sale/Wanted / 79 Pontiac firebird esprit
« Last post by zzzack on July 20, 2018, 10:57:54 PM »
79 t-tops,am/fm with CB radio
Silver with no rear spoiler
Has black inside
The dash is mint no places
Seats are great no wear or tears
Carpet is good
Door panels great too
Headliner is coming loose
Inside is unbelievable on this car
Has 301 Pontiac motor runs and drives great I am driving it everyday
I would drive it anywhere
Has new tires and brakes and muffler
The bad now has a dent on pass quarter
Pass door has rust in corner and bottom
Panel below back glass has rust and needs replaced
Drivers front fender has bent place at front where it attaches to nc
Bumper cover has a small rip on drivers side but I have another cover for it
Floor pans are good
Pass frame rail good
Drivers side has rust in bottom corner
Has manual Windows
Price is 6800.00
Car is at whitesburg ky 41858
For more pics text 606-634-36five-three

DriveTrain / Re: Vehicle bogs upon acceleration BUT only during the summer
« Last post by Stringer on July 20, 2018, 08:45:31 PM »

Believing my problem to be fuel related I sought out a high performance mechanical pump for my Olds 403. The specs for the one I had was 30/gph @ 5.5psi. The one I replaced with was a Spectra with a flow rate of 45/gph @ 7psi.  I have been driving it the last few days with today being the hottest at 108 degrees. The vehicle feels much stronger all the way around. Weather it is cool outside or hot, it feels better stronger during the acceleration.  It is much better than before.

That being said...... I am still experiencing a little flutter under hard acceleration. I suppose I can live with that because for normal (and moderate) acceleration it would appear that the higher flow rate and psi of the pump is keeping up.

Anyone know of an even higher flow rate pump?
Parts for Sale / Re: Hooker Super Competition Show Bar $300 o.b.o
« Last post by losfresnos65 on July 18, 2018, 09:49:05 PM »
Still for sale?
Trans Am Photos / Re: My beater
« Last post by Nexus on July 18, 2018, 05:17:34 AM »
That is one cool beater!!!
DriveTrain / Re: Advice on 200 4R overdrive transmission
« Last post by Aus78Formula on July 18, 2018, 03:02:55 AM »
I'm obv just stirring, but so many on these things seem to think the options run out once the part can't be sourced or fixed from within the local towns around them.
DriveTrain / Re: Advice on 200 4R overdrive transmission
« Last post by Nexus on July 18, 2018, 02:54:12 AM »
Canada is quite local if you have to ship a transmission around the world.

HMMM...good point sir
60% original paint.....scratched but not damaged? That doesn't agree and possibly doesn't even qualify as a any of that survivor crap. If you can enjoy it as a nice original car, do just that. If it needs tidying up so it's presentable enough to be able to take to the shops without ridicule, do that also. If you don't want it, sell it. Let someone else lose money on something that they choose.
Absolutely, paint the poor thing. No one should be rewarded for not maintaining a vehicle unless it's in a museum. And yet we give them accolades and trophies for owning a piece of crap that has been parked in the sun for 30 years on rotted tyres and has the original plug leads that were due for tossing decades earlier. Yes, paint it, look after it. Originality is great where the condition allows its use without holding the rest of the vehicle back. It's your car, if you don't have an opinion on it, I'm not sure you'll find one on here to agree on.
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