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Trans Am Photos / Re: Question about bird decal styles..
« Last post by Craig on Today at 04:56:35 PM »
Thats what I did. I prefer the non-SE bird but I like the gold stripes.
Trans Am Photos / Re: Question about bird decal styles..
« Last post by EA1 Jenks on Today at 03:19:33 PM »
I realize this is an old post, but users may still follow. I am interested in how the SE stripes go with the non-SE bird and looping font. I'm restoring my 78 with the stripes as well (I like the look), but prefer the looping font to the german. I'm concerned as to the different shades of gold/yellow/orange all look together.

Anyone have the non-se decals with the stripes, please chime in.

Thanks, Jim
Parts Wanted / 403 olds power steering pump and pully
« Last post by Alaska442 on Today at 01:46:44 PM »
Needed 403 olds power steering pump, brackets, lines and pullies from a T/A.
Operational but not perfect is fine.
Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 11:00:51 PM »

B Pillar trim removed:

Passenger Door Panel and A Pillar removed:

Passenger B pillar trim removed:

Drivers side door panel removed and steering wheel:

Drivers side door jam and underside:

Passenger side door jam and underside:

Cowl area condition:

Fuse box disconnected.  Will be replaced by Ls7 harness.  This will all get re-wired; one by one:

Tired suspension:

Time to bag and tag:
Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 11:00:10 PM »

What started off being a simple floor pan massaging has turned in to a complete interior tear down, cowl tear down and firewall clean up (inside and outside).  It's turned in to this because I'm going to have a whole two summer's where I'm paying this all off while the car will be ripped apart. 

With it being in that state, and since I'm already this far in it only makes sense to rip everything out, lay new heat shield down, prep the firewall and re-wire the whole thing.

And with that Sunday was more deconstruction than anything else; taking special care not do damage any interior pieces, not to break any clips or clamps.  It's very time consuming and tedious work and kind of a shame because 8 years ago I paid an interior specialist to finish it and now I'm going in reverse to get at everything I need to.

So today I removed all brake lines, fuel line, power steering line, and the main wiring harness that resided forward of the firewall and inside the engine bay.  I also removed the brake booster, heater core, cabin fan assembly, and wiper motor assembly.

I also loosened the fuse box behind the steering wheel, the glove box, most of the air ducting assembly, kick panels, A pillar covers, B pillar covers, roof line trim and other misc. trim pieces.

I also removed the door panels and will be removing the doors this weekend when I have a buddy to assist.  The doors on 2nd Gen F Bodies are very heavy and I decided to replace the door hinges with aftermarket strengthened ones.  I've heard they don't make them any more so if they don't and I need to save the stock ones I want those doors off while my legs hang out of the car for hours on end over the next few years - give those hinges a rest.

I'll also be removing the dashboard this weekend.  I need to do this for a few reasons.  1)  To get at the firewall fully, and 2)  To remove the heater core.  I can't get to that ****er without pulling the entire dashboard out.  If it wasn't for this most of what I ended up deciding to rip today out never would have been considered but one thing led to another...

[COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR]

Firewall/Engine Bay:  Heater removed, fan assembly removed, wiper assembly removed, brake booster removed, fuel line cut forward of firewall, brake lines removed forward of fire wall, Speedo disconnected, wiring harness (engine bay portion) removed.

The only issue so far that I can't get past is the last bolt holding the master cylinder on.  I stripped it and then took a reciprocating saw to it but it's still snug as a bug.  I'm replacing the entire assembly with a manual brake system from Wilwood so the shop will just take a torch to it and get it off.

Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 10:59:35 PM »

It might not look like much but that's 6 hours of non stop wire brushing and sanding.  I'm happy I'm doing this myself because it's tasks like this that are best done by the owner.  It's simply elbow grease and time.  Any shop would've taken an equal amount of time or simply gone straight to POR15 without the prep work I'm putting in.

I was hoping I'd be able to avoid taking my grinder out but I think I'm going to buy a few grinder disks and take as much as I can down to bare metal before the Marine Cleaner and metal etching spray go down.  Do it right or don't do it at all.

Pics from the afternoon (all driver's side; haven't touched passenger side yet:

Rocker area - Driver's side; still tidy as hell:

Another of the rocker:

Driver's side pan under seat after sanding/wire brush:

Another of the Driver's side seat pan area (lowest point of the entire pan), only surface rust:

This is the worst area of the entire pan, driver's side foot well area.  That's the e-brake cable leading out to the rear.  The pic makes it look a lot worse than it is; a wire wheel will tidy this up nicely:

Driver's side rear ladder bar channel (between it and the B-pillar) post sanding/wire brush:

Another of the ladder bar channel post sanding:

The only three pieces of factory seam seal that failed in 41+ years:
Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 10:58:52 PM »
Tonight I got around to removing the rest of the back seat(s), seat belts, center console, the entire carpet and doorsills.

I also ended up ordering Detroit Speed's Ls7 engine mounts today so my builder can mock up a dummy T56 and Ls1 for the new transmission tunnel he'll be cutting when I drop it off in mid April/late April.

Carpet Removed/Some status photos:

[COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR]

I just ordered the POR15 trunk and floorpan repair kit.  It comes with a three stage application process. 

Before it gets here I've got to head up to Niagara Falls and pick up seam sealer (for the pans), painters tape, painters paper to protect the door panels and dash, a few masks, paint thinner, some wire brushes and some elbow grease.

Temperature depending, I'm going to go at those pans pretty hard tomorrow and on Sunday with a shop vac and wire brushes.  I need to remove all the loose debris, and rough up the surface of the pans.  Overall they are in great shape for a 41 year old car. 

Only surface rust on the low spots.  Most of the factory seam seal is still doing its job but I'm going to replace them all anyway.  You can tell this thing really only has 38,xxx original miles.

I'll remove the kick panels, and gas pedal tomorrow in preparation for the POR15.
Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 10:58:07 PM »
Spoke with D.S.E. today and was notified that my frame is in mid assembly at the moment.  They will be calling me one week before it is shipped to my builder.  It ships freight so it will likely take 4 business days to get from N.C. to N.Y.  It's being shipped with the sub frame connectors too.

I'm planning on getting the car to the builder one week before the frame gets there so the shop can drop the factory frame, motor, trans, driveshaft, rear suspension, all brakes, tank, and everything else under there, sand blast and/or wire brush what they can reach, prep, paint and POR15 the entire under side of the car.

They can then hopefully get the tank mounted and have everything ready for the new frame.

With that I have from now until mid April to get everything else off of the firewall, all wires labeled and accounted for, remove the rest of the interior and that's pretty much it.

It's still pretty crappy outside in N.Y. so it's a pretty miserable experience doing anything in the garage.

I was able to talk to a buddy's father who has a heated and de-humidified garage.  Once I get the carcass back from the shop I'll be storing it there.  Pretty excited about that.
Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 10:57:41 PM »
Last night I got around to removing the seats, the center console and lower back seats.  I still have to remove the kick panels, carpet, seat belts and rear deck/speakers (I think).

I may be able to keep the upper back seats in place.  That would allow me to keep the speakers and rear deck in place too.  However I was never happy with the way the rear deck came out.  I know it must have been a pain with the roll cage there but I'm just not happy with it.  I may look in to getting that replaced/re-done down the road.

To clarify, I'm removing the carpet because the sub frame connectors from Detroit Speed are welded in to the floor pans, from both the bottom and inside of the car; so the carpet needs to come out.  I'm also getting a t56 tunnel cut so the carpet has to be removed for that as well.

I plan on keeping the interior out for a while even after I get the car back.  I'd like to prep and paint the inside of those pans myself before the carpet gets laid back in.  I'd also like to find another interior guy to lay the carpet again.  As you can see from the photos below; the carpet was a custom job the last time the carpet was done.  It was glued down so I'm assuming it's going to get trashed when I get around to removing it this weekend.

So much room for activities now:
Restoration Projects / Re: '76
« Last post by OD_Simple on March 26, 2017, 10:57:14 PM »
In order to lower my expenses as much as possible I removed the hood, fenders, inner fenders, core support, bumper, bumper braces, upper headlight/grille assembly, wheel spoilers and lower spoiler myself.  I've been storing the parts in a spare bedroom for safe keeping.

My girlfriend loves this:

These are the factory seats.  They have never been re-upholstered. 
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