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Title: Idea for Forums - (Hitman pls.read)
Post by: crowz1 on March 20, 2011, 07:01:07 AM
Have been thinking that it may be nice to add a small section that could be considered as a parts help wanted section. This would be for people that would like to help another member on the site to facilitate shipping of parts. We have members throughout New England and we could assist people in the delivery of parts. I am sure there are a million reasons on why do it! But I know I would be willing to drive and help a fellow member transfer parts. The idea of shipping some of these parts subframes core supports etc, would really help us keep parts at an affordable range...... Of course all contacts would be managed by the member needing help. Just a thought. Money can be better spent in resto work than shipping. Would be curious what others think!

Chris in  Maine  :)