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Title: 1978 Y88
Post by: Y88Y84 on October 17, 2012, 07:41:42 PM
Hello everyone,  I have been restoring this one owner before me Y88 with passion.  I bought in 2000 to have the one I sold back in 85.  I bought that one new just out of high school.  The pictures are as good as it actually is. This car was literally owned by the proverbial little old lady..a retired unmarried schoolteacher. 64k miles..numbers matching.  rebuilt engine/trans.  The 400 slight elevation in performance, cam etc.  magnaflow dual exhaust. sounds awesome.
 Has been repainted once with rear patch on bttm rear quarters and tailpan has been replaced.  Then repainted again i wasn't happiest with it.  The front bumper is like glass over honey.

Have build sheet and Y88 on cowl tag.

So what do you guys think it's worth?
Title: Re: 1978 Y88
Post by: eroc022 on October 17, 2012, 09:02:54 PM
on average around 22k...... its no longer a "stock" car... but yet the modifications are not frowned upon either......  the car looks to be in excellent shape, and you have done yourself great on the purchase... I hope this answers anything you were questioning and if you need anything specific feel free to ask