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Title: New 79 403 TA
Post by: MybirdIStheword on December 14, 2015, 05:48:32 PM
Hi guys!
New to the forum, just bought this pile in september.

details: 1979 trans am, 403 olds midnight blue w/ blue and white deluxe interior
VERY original, not in a good way. picked this up and drove it home from ohio.
doesn't need too much to be inspected and a driver, some small holes in the floor pan, wipers hitting off the hood, blower motor not working, headlight issues, front parking brake cable siezed.
dash is ripped apart right while i replace bulbs now but it is all there.

a driveable project. needs the carb rebuilt, but once it warms up it runs like a champ. doesn't leak. rides nicer than I thought.
literally everything on this car is ragged. Going to need some massive bodywork before she is cherry again. no carpet or headliner.

Bought this to be a long term project and learning experience. I do understand that I will never get out of it what I put into it.

I paid 3300 for this, which may have been too much but it was worth it. + i should have it driving and inspected by next spring.
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: winks79 on December 16, 2015, 06:34:13 PM
Nice find in my opinion, especially if you can do most of the work yourself. My uncle had a Nocturne blue T/A, blue decals, with snowflakes, and blue hobnail interior, which is one of the main reasons I fell in love with T/A's. Nocturne blue is my favorite color on 79's. I think you got a good buy for an all original car that has not been jacked around on.
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: eviledolean on January 08, 2016, 09:57:43 AM
Looks like a pretty good steal l to me.  My 79 project car is worse off, not running, interior shot etc etc. etc.  Already put over a 1k into it and barely scraped the surface.  But I love it anyway. 
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: MybirdIStheword on March 11, 2016, 05:43:27 PM
Got the quadrajet off today for a rebuild. got an HP kit from Cliff Ruggles with a new electric choke- 139$ after shipping.
wish me luck, I have never done this before (but i did buy the book   8) )
few surprises, in no particular order:

Throttle solenoid connector was melted together.... managed to get it apart

Accidentally crushed my fuel line- good note for anyone else planning to do this: get two wrenches on the fuel filter housing nuts. the one on the outside was siezed, so i twisted the line. doesnt look too bad, but I should probably replace it anyway

The manifold vaccum line that goes to the choke is rusted as hell, should I worry about this/replace it?

Also I think my venturis are damaged, or are they supposed to look like this?

One last thing, regarding the corrosion on the primary/secondary valves, do I need to get those re-plated after I get them cleaned up?
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: Aus78Formula on March 12, 2016, 06:40:38 PM
Luckily, the 403 choke tubes and fuel lines are readily available new. Replace them. The cast iron choke plate isnt.
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: MybirdIStheword on March 15, 2016, 01:02:52 AM
Did some reading, didn't even know hot air chokes were a thing.  ::)
I already got a new electric choke with my kit, so it looks like I will be wiring that up.

I have read on other sites about block off plates for the hole in the manifold to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, no one actually states who makes them, and I cannot find any online. Not too good with fabrication myself...
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: Aus78Formula on March 15, 2016, 01:09:48 AM
When doing a search for 403 parts, you'll get more hits (usually) if searching for 350 Olds parts, and many were the same or at least useable. I think Edelbrock made a choke block off, or maybe that was the EGR plate. If you can get the old rusted plate off, you just need a new gasket, and make a plate to match old one, two holes to seal.

Or do what I did, replaced it to look original but also fitted the electric choke. Just plug yours in to the carb/air cleaner but replace the inner coil with your new part. Be aware you need to remove the small ring gasket on some to make a ground through the carb, and then just run a live ignition wire to the choke, such as the windscreen wiper feed. Can find that with a search if needed.

Here you go......

Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: MybirdIStheword on March 15, 2016, 11:24:40 PM
I saw that one but i think it is specifically for edelbrock manifolds... i guess that it probably covers the same size hole...
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: Aus78Formula on March 16, 2016, 12:46:20 AM
Yes, they are the same and interchangeable.
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: MybirdIStheword on August 28, 2016, 11:37:00 PM
So some updates (no good pictures sorry)

I have a much better grasp of the condition of this car. I have "reconditioned" most of the electrics in the car so that it can pass inspection. Most of the problems have been with corroded and worn connectors. The replacement blower motor works, but there is some issue where the high setting is not getting power (likely bad wires/connectors, the circuit at the relay seems ok.) 
The wiper motor issue was solved, turns out the car needs to be running to get enough juice to turn the motor. Probably will get replaced someday.

Everything was going decently well, until I made it to the exhaust. It needed replacing (total redneck hack job), the issue I ran into was removing the manifolds. The same rusty bolt problem that everyone has, no amount of PB or Kroil would sway them. I took it to a shop, and the mechanic recommended that I just pull and redo the motor. He couldn't get an angle with the torch between those shock towers. also apparently the oil leak that I have is worse than I thought and the freeze plugs are starting to let go. he wasn't trying to sell me anything either, he doesn't have the time and he knows I don't have the money.

crap. :'(

So it looks like I am going to do a poor man's rebuild: just gaskets, water pump, timing chain, thermostat ect. crap like that. Anything I should do while I am in there? I wanted to get new heads and junk eventually, but I just don't have the money right now. I just want to slap it back together. This will be my first (albeit partial) engine rebuild.

So no way the car is back together by the end of this year.

Next year's agenda: still gotta do tires, wire an electric choke, was going to do bushings/subframe connectors, weatherstripping, and I have a cool sound system project in mind. looks like it is going to be a long winter.
Title: Re: New 79 403 TA
Post by: Dark T/A on August 29, 2016, 03:11:22 PM
Do a little bit at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. Sounds like its coming along.  i'm still working on mine and learning something new still after 17 years at it on and off. there are exhaust systems that you can get so it can bolt up to your manifolds.