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Title: Yearone 2 piece backspacing
Post by: VandykeT/A on October 27, 2019, 06:34:53 PM
Iím in the process of restoring my 80. Iím planning on doing the Hotchkis stage 1 and running the yearone snowflakes but they told me on the 2 piece wheel itís fully custom I have to give the backspacing I want. I donít plan on a mini tub but I want the wheel to sit flush with the quarter panel. Right now the car is lifted to the moon and the tires hang out from under it 2 inches. Iím looking for the low modern look. Does anybody know what backspacing I need and how wide of a wheel I can go with the stock wheel wells? Iíd like to fit a 315 if possible. Iíve even considered the as cash wheel but I love the look of the bigger lip on the 2 piece wheels. Thanks