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Title: 1978 blue TA
Post by: rehmus on October 14, 2007, 10:36:09 AM
OK, so I finally got to take some more pictures of the trans am I just bought.  My immediate plans for restoration are:

1.  fix the drivers side seat (its broken in the back, thats why there are books holding it up lol)
2.  blast off all the rust, and have the new trunk pan I have welded into the back
3.  paint and decal the car
4.  replace the weatherstripping around the windows
5.  replace the door locking tumblers, etc.  It currently will not unlock from the outside on the driver's door
6.  new seat belts most likely
7.  new dashboard top
8.  new center console top

Mechanically, this car is sound at the moment, minus the little alternator issue at low idle that I have.  Here's what has been done since I acquired it mechanically:
1.  new front brake rotors and pads
2.  new front shocks
3.  new brake lines
4.  new oil pan gasket
5.  new valve cover gasket
6.  changed all the fluids
7.  new speedometer cable
8.  new upper and lower radiator hoses
9.  fixed a leak around the transmission

and some other things I forgot I'm sure.  Anyway, here are some pics of it.. so you can see what kind of shape its in.  I'm not looking to do a showroom transformation, but I would like a decent paint job and the other things fixed that I mentioned.  It also doesn't have any components for air conditioning that I can see except for what's in the dashboard... but that will be something down the road to add later.

Title: Re: 1978 blue TA
Post by: Sir english firebird on October 14, 2007, 10:48:34 AM
Blimey thats quite a straight looking motor, its only until you start to look at the photos of the "bad" bits that you start thinking all that glitters etc....
In the pics of the whole car it looks GREAT! i do like that colour.
Thats an excellent base to start with.