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Did you get the HP code off the buildsheet?
DriveTrain / Re: Head Work/ Head Porting
« Last post by 72blackbird on March 26, 2015, 11:15:52 PM »
Most D-ports flow in the 195-205 cfm range- improvements made in the short-side radius, valve guide, and throat areas will bump the flow into the 240-250 cfm range. Opening up the stock intake geasket size to the larger RA IV intake port size and a port match will also yield improvement. Jim Hand's "How to Build Max Performance Pontiac V-8s" has detailed pics and explains how Pontiac heads should be properly ported.

And whatever you do, don't port Pontiac heads like a Chevy- this can actually hurt flow.

Ive been working on building my own bird for about 7 years now. I also just figured out how to use photobucket so I thought I would share now.
 The car was originally a 1979 formula that needed almost everything. I also bought another parts car that was seriously rotten and wrecked and it happened to be a 78 400 4 speed.
 In my dreams my car has always been a 400 4 speed trans am so I decided to use the straighter body and frame of the 79 formula to build a frankenstein car and turn it into what I wanted.
I pulled the drive train out of both cars and gutted the formula and sold what i didn't need on craigs list and ebay to start up some funds. I rebuilt the 400 ( Bored .60 shaved heads and intake, mild cam ) the Borg warner 4 speed and the posi rear end.
Installed floor pans, all poly urethane bushings, Tach from 78 parts car, new dash, heater core, coating under car, new steering component, gas tank, lines, all the manual clutch pedal and hard ware out of the 78 parts car.... the list goes on.
I then installed the drive train and broke in the motor and it ran great!   I got on the freeway and realized that 4 gears was not going to cut it. (342 rear end BTW) so i yanked out the 4 speed and bought  the TKO 500 tremec 5 speed transmission and that 5th gear is total heven BTW.
It took about 5 years to get to this point and now i was ready for body and paint. I had a choice to make. TRANS AM OR FORMULA? I DECIDED TRANS AM. Now since i am as far from numbers matching as we cat get here i also decided to ditch the 79 thru 81 nose that i wasn't fond of and go 1978 in the front.
 After purchasing all new body panels (quarter panels, front T/A fenders, T/A hood, shaker, front and rear bumpers and trunk lid) i dropped it off to my body guy and told him what color i wanted it.
I get it back almost two years later and now all i have left is interior work. still trying to decide on some of that stuff. Anyways here are some pictures of what it went thru. Sorry about the quality of the first few pics, the're old.

Trans Am Photos / Re: After 15 years of restoration
« Last post by cmk-2 on March 26, 2015, 09:49:35 PM »
Hey Keith THANK YOU! I may take you up on your offer as the body shop was saying the could find the outer shell but not the inner part of the door will let you know.
Interior / Re: Dash disassembly
« Last post by tata on March 26, 2015, 09:48:05 PM »
I know you know your stuff, but there must be alot of installed wrong ones out there. Lol   but I guess either way he has the knowledge if he can't get  the bezel off.
Trans Am Values / Re: 79 10th Do you think this is a good deal or not?
« Last post by tata on March 26, 2015, 09:39:48 PM »
Maybe for 8 I would buy it. Interior is expense if things need replacing, and for me a non matching number car which = just another t/a
Just wanted to share my almost finished car with yall and testing my computer skills to see if I have this photobucket posting thing figured out too.

Trans Am Information / Re: Y-88
« Last post by Aus78Formula on March 26, 2015, 07:57:26 PM »
Y88 have black tail panel extending into trunk, regular TA is body colour gold.
Trans Am Photos / Re: 78 Trans Am / W72 motor rebuild
« Last post by Blue78TA on March 26, 2015, 07:21:29 PM »
Looks great Daniel, now would be a great time to detail that brake booster & master cylinder. ;)
Trans Am Values / 79 10th Do you think this is a good deal or not?
« Last post by Blue78TA on March 26, 2015, 05:25:40 PM »
Was thinking about going to look at this. What do you guys think?
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