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General Discussion / Re: a barn find...but is it worth it?
« Last post by eroc022 on July 20, 2014, 10:24:51 PM »
Not with it in my opinion, 120k miles is saying the engine might need a rebuild soon, paint is at least 7k for a good job, not to mention possible rust and more..... If you want it id offer 500$ just above the scrap rate.....
DriveTrain / Re: Stroker 400 Build
« Last post by TAKID455 on July 20, 2014, 09:42:47 PM »
a KRE fan myself.

go with the 310 cfm port flow
General Discussion / Re: Scaled down decal for hood
« Last post by RENOVATIONS on July 20, 2014, 09:32:41 PM »
I don't know anything about this business but I see him advertising a lot on Facebook:
Parts Wanted / Re: 1978 gold tinted t tops
« Last post by JupiterBandit on July 20, 2014, 09:22:51 PM »
how do you pm somebody

go back to the page you saw his name on when he commented and then click his name. It should be on the left in blue. Then a page will open up and to the left you will see SEND PM. select it and send him a message.
General Discussion / a barn find...but is it worth it?
« Last post by mysd455 on July 20, 2014, 09:04:52 PM »
While driving to visit family today I saw what I'm pretty sure ( didn't check the vin) is a 1992 Trans Am Convertible a/t in need of paint, tires and general help with 120k miles. It was repainted hence no Trans Am name on it, but it had the T/A rims, camel inside with the camel soft top and T/A front end anyway the woman said she would take $1500. It did run nice . I know a lot about  early 70's cars but nothing about these years. I thought maybe someone could share there thoughts on this year. Thanks
Suspension / Re: Tire Replacement for Snowflakes
« Last post by Squirrel on July 20, 2014, 09:01:16 PM »
i bought a set at pep boys white letter tires for my camaro and liked them enough to get another set for my TA.  they look good and ride good and cheaper than all others, got all 4 balanced and installed for under 500, set on ta are 255/60/15.  they are futura gls super sport. 
DriveTrain / Re: Stroker 400 Build
« Last post by RRR76TA on July 20, 2014, 07:13:51 PM »
I'll keep an eye on this post thanks
DriveTrain / Re: Stroker 400 Build
« Last post by TransAm_Stan on July 20, 2014, 06:49:39 PM »
I thought I would explain how I am noting my expenses.

Projected cost on above:   4143.95   Yikes! = This will be the projected cost of whatever is in the current post only.  Money not spent.

A. Fixed       250.00    =   This is money spent. 
B. Variable  150.00   This is also money spent.  But I have included this because this figure will be different for each person.  This figure includes fuel for parts pick up if far away.  Shipping of parts from various vendors.  Figures that will be a variable depending on where U live & how you roll.
DriveTrain / Re: Stroker 400 Build
« Last post by TransAm_Stan on July 20, 2014, 06:28:30 PM »
I have been trying to wrap my head around the major pieces for this build.  Peeps say to build a solid bottom end, then build the motor around the head selection.  Seems reasonable on paper...

The bottom end was fairly easy for me.

Butler Racing    EAG-B52410030       For 400-428-455 Blocks     $1548.95   

    New Crank 4.250" Stroke
    3.00" or 3.250" Main for 400-428-455 Blocks
    Mahle Forged Pistons (coated) Flat Top
    6.800 Forged I-Beam 5140 Rods
    Pin Fitted
    Mahle File Fit Ring Set, Moly Coated
    C-77 P series Rod and Main Bearings
    Balanced Internally (by B.P.)


461 cu in Eagle Pontiac Rotating Assembly w/ 4.250 Stroke X 3.00/400 Main Cast Crank, 4.155 Mahle Forged Pistons w/ 6.800 I-Beam 5140 Forged Eagle Rods- Balanced
My biggest decision is the heads.  For the price of a ported set of good heads, a few dollars more will get me into Aluminum head territory.

Kaufman or Edelbrock D-port heads.  They seem to be the major players.

From what I have read there are die hard fans of both.  These fans will  defend their brand to the death.  I have read a lot online recently. Seems like the Kaufman (KRE) heads do not meet the numbers out of the box that the Edelbrock (E-head) D heads do.  The KRE's have a better combustion chamber design. the E-heads are copied after a good old design by Pontiac.  I dono...  Right now I do not want port work.  I think, from what I have read that 500 hp is achievable with stock alum heads. But, as I just found out,  for a couple extra bux I can have ported E-heads.

Right now I am going with Edelbrock D-Port heads....(72cc ?? this needs researched!)  I reserve the right to change my mind though!

Butler Racing   BPI-EDL-72CC-DPORT   $2595.00
72cc Ported Heads with Ferrea Valves, 10degree Retainers & Locks, ARP 7/16 Studs, Hyd, Hyd Roller or Solid Springs 290-300 CFM @28" (220 Exhaust)

Roller rockers & lifters hopefully will be in the budget.  Right now looking at Comp Cam.

I haven't bought anything yet as I am going to call around & see if I can find a competent machine shop locally that is familiar with Pontiacs.  My local machine shop closed down last year.  I have to look at other shops, which I am not looking forward to.

This block I am tearing down is fighting me every step of the way.   Grrrrrrrrrrr....

All for now.

Projected cost on above:   4143.95   Yikes! 

A. Fixed       250.00
B. Variable  150.00

Paint and Body / Re: red bird trim pieces versus gold bird trim pieces?
« Last post by Bandit105 on July 20, 2014, 06:25:03 PM »
I wish they had a blue set....look nice with the blue and white birds

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