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« on: September 02, 2011, 07:25:09 AM »
Does anyone know if a Camaro ac/comp. from 80 work on a 76 fbird??? Look the same but the camaro has metric bolts ! Thanks for any input !!

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Re: ac/comp.???
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 12:31:45 PM »
If they are bot hthe large A6 type then no worries, if the smaller radial type then you will need the brackets to suit. Metric bolts aren't a huge issue as long as you know which they are. I found this problem getting a reman compressor unit. The threaded holes in the compressor base were metric, I tried winding the original bolts in but realised before I did any damage! Just replace the bolts with same length where required.