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Radio/Courtesy light circuit
« on: June 22, 2012, 10:18:45 PM »
About 5 years ago I installed a CD/AM/FM/MP3 player in my 78 Y88, about 4 years ago I began to blow the 20A fuse circuit for my courtesy lights. The Radio would go out, followed instantaneously by the courtesy lights, although the dome light would remain on (lit) no matter what! I've just been popping fuses in and figured I have a dead short somewhere! This last weekend I finally had a little time to research the wiring diagram for my car in my Haynes Manual, I now fully understood how everything was wired with respect to my problem areas. I then looked through my Radio (Dual) manual and traced all my wires after dismantling my dash enough to access what I needed to see and check.
This is the point when my AHA! moment turned into "Gerrit, how did you miss that!" The power lead (RED) for the Radio was connected to a switched fuse (Ignition) but my memory lead (YELLOW) was connected to my courtesy light 20A fuse. Reading closely this time, the memory lead was supposed to be connected to an unswitched 12 V source! After I ran a wire through the firewall and hooked the memory lead to it, have not had any issues since. Moral of the story? Pay close attention to all written instructions, don't assume like I did!
I thought I was supposed to get wiser with age-LOL!  ::)
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