Author Topic: 76 350 bird alt seems to be charging all the time according to amp meter .  (Read 560 times)

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Did an intake and cam swap and when hooking up alt. one of the small wires going to the 2 prong plug was there and about 8 inches of wire . We couldn't see where it was broken so we were told that should be hooked back in with the other one and it should work . It wasn't charging at all until we hooked it up with Batt (i think) . Finally got out to drive it some and noticed it shows charge at about 3/4 of the way all the time . It'not all the way over but I don't remember it charging that high before . It's taken an awful long time on this project as I had to get the q/jet rebuilt that I thought would work along with a few other problems we encountered along the way !!!! Thanks

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A good charging system should be charging around 14.2 -15.0 volts.