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T/a wanted
« on: January 12, 2009, 06:56:13 AM »
im in the search of a 69, 70-73 bird
or 76, 77-78 would like one that is solid and runs
I would ultimately like to keep it under $5,000 but could go up to 10 for the right car as im trying to get my house refinanced i'd like to keep a cusion of money in the bank incase i may need it for that.
would preffer a car from michigan, iniana, ohio, illinois or wisconsin that would make it back here driving. or would be willing to pay to have it delivered as well. my compulsive buying is done my next one needs to be a keeper as even my wife is sick of the car swapping around. i have a prefference of the 77/78 's dont care what color combo it is im done making regrets. as you all know selling the 78 was hard and regretfull for me and i need to buy what im very much into and them are the years im into. ultimately i would like one that i can fix up in time for the nats, glrc and such. I sold the 79 on ebay last night so time to get my focus right.
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