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Correct overflow bottle
« on: September 27, 2006, 10:16:14 PM »
What is the correct overflow bottle for a Y88 SE 4speed...I have a 78  w/403 automatic, and the bottle has the corner formed to allow room for the trans coolant lines...since there aren't any coolant lines for the 4 speed trans, is this also the correct overflow bottle for the Y88 SE?   Also the windshield wiper bottle on the Y88 SE car has the pump mounted at the bottom corner of the bottle,  and I saw one for sale with the same numbers that didn't have an opening for the pump.  The article also stated that the 78's wiper bottles didn't have the pumps on the bottle, the pump was mounted at the wiper motor?  The 78 403 has the bottle with the pump mounted at the bottom in the middle.   How many types of wiper bottles did they make for the 78's ?      I'm in the very slow process of selling my 78 and 75 T/A s and restoring the Y88 SE back to all original.
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