Author Topic: 1978 Trans Am 59k miles numbers matching W72-WS6 car!!!! Ohio  (Read 605 times)

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As the title states.  I bought it on a whim thinking that I could do a little of this and that then keep it.  After looking at the long list of projects that I've got going on that need to be done this summer, this has to go.  I've got a whole folder full of info on this including the PHS docs.  Very low optioned car!  The original paint is showing its age but all in all, not bad for 31 years.  To make it a trailer queen you'd have to paint it, new headliner, recover the front seats and maybe some other minor things.  I do have complete weather set for the car.  I have done tons of things to it already.  Runs and drives great!  If you need specific pictures or have questions just PM me.  Asking price is $15k and open to offers.  Please guys, if you don't have anything good to say, please don't say it.  I don't flame anyone on here so I expect the same to me.

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