Author Topic: T-top Weatherseal Retainers / T-top L Braces / Cold Air Intake Braces IN STOCK  (Read 1493 times)

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Hey guys we have our KG product line BACK IN STOCK! It has been over a year on some of these since we were able to stock them.

 (The producer which is a small shop in the mid west went through some tough times and has now gotten back on thier feet!)

The product lines ALL have been improved also EVERY item is now produced from polished stainless steel.

Stock on this inital re-stock is limited to 20 sets of each product so if you know you need them do not put it off and grab them now while they last!

We are the sole retailers of these products so you will NOT find them anywhere else!

All products are available on our website which accepts all Credit Cards, money Orders and Pay Pal.



(423) 949 6820

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