Author Topic: where to start on my rebuilt 400  (Read 324 times)

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where to start on my rebuilt 400
« on: March 16, 2010, 01:00:53 AM »
So im coming up on 1 year since joining this great site and just about 9 months the machine shop had my engine( thats what i get for saying im not in any hurry). Anyway just wanted some opinions on where to start....  I need to install the lifters,pushrods,rockers, oil pan, timing cover, heads (heads have valves and springs installed). I should be able to handle the rest of the items i didnt list. This is my frist time with any of these items and i must say it was much easier taking it apart. I have the manuals for 1978 for referance. I primed and installed oil pump then went for the pan and realized the timing cover must be installed first? Any help will be much appreciated!

1978 400 4spd.
Head work: ported polished, milled .035 and valve grind.
Block: complete short block balanced, bored .020 over all new bearings, crank grind, pistons, xe274h comp cam, block decked.