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Brand new parts for sale
« on: March 22, 2010, 10:52:15 PM »
I have a bunch of brand new parts up for sale much cheaper than what I paid for them

OER 1970-79 Center Console Glove Box- $30- $40 from PY

OER 1970-81 Center Console Glove Box Lid (black)- $45- $55 from PY

1976-79 Coolant Recovery Jar- $50- $60 from PY

Control Arm Upper and Lower bumpers- $20

Front end suspension rebuild kit for 76-79 with 8 cyl engines (includes upper and lower ball joints, outer tie rod ends, sway bar links, inner tie rods, idler arm)- $235- $265 from NPD

Tie Rod dust seal- $5

MOOG centerlink- $115- was $133

Upper control arm shafts- $100- was $114

Eaton Detroit Spring OE Design front coil springs (C-7412-51)- $100- was $120

Subframe mounting hardware kit- free if you buy everything above

If you do the math, it's $700 for everything at my price but if you buy everything at once, I'll knock another $50 off