Author Topic: 6/18/11 Chick Fest car show this Saturday North Central Ohio  (Read 634 times)

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Here locally we have the Hatchery Festival which celebrates the commercial hatchery business which was founded by yours truely's family many, many years ago.  Anyhoo, this event is 2 fold.  Not only to give thanks to the fore fathers of the community but also to raise money that is used to beautify our village.  This show is a nice, family ran show which normally only brings about 100 cars.   It'd be nice to meet some of you and also have Firebirds represent what a show is suppose to be!!!

To give some of you an idea where we are at.  We are about 45 minutes south of Sandusky (almost off of sr4),  35 minutes northwest of Mansfields, 1.20 hours north of Columbus. 

For more info click 

or PM me.  I should be there all day long.  Show starts around noon but cars will trickle in the morning times.
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