Author Topic: Speakers in the sail panels?  (Read 531 times)

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Speakers in the sail panels?
« on: June 26, 2011, 07:57:15 PM »
Has anyone tried to put speakers in the sail panels?  I'm installing a sound system in my 80..  I have already upgraded my electrical to handle it.  I have 2 12" Rockford Fosgate subs in the trunk w/ 1000 watt amp.   Think I'm going to only use one but 2 just looks so cool!   I bought the custom kick panels from the another site and have 200 w 6.5 inch Fosgate's for those w/200 watt amp.  I need to install 2 more speakers.  I can't use the regular 6x9 cut outs on the rear deck because the subs will muffle and destroy them.  I was thinking about trying to install like 5" ones with tweeters in the sail panels but can't find anything thin enough to fit in there.  Any ideas?  Any better ideas?  Any advice?  Thanks!
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