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Re: only 7 weeks away Saratoga Lawn Show. UPDATE 2-17-12
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I am 100% coming to the show on Saturday Morning, weather permitting.

1976 Trans Am 406(.030 over) 4 speed, Dual Cooling fan, C5 front Brakes, Custom Rims
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Re: only 7 weeks away Saratoga Lawn Show. UPDATE 2-17-12
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

THE 10th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show IS A GO FOR Saturday JULY 7, 2012.
Weather forecast shows a chance of scattered late day showers South of Albany!
PLEASE READ Last Minute Show and Cruise Details BELOW!

Meet me under the Big Top!
Albany-Saratoga Speedway has set up a large 40’ by 80’ Big Top Tent.  Under the Big Top, there is seating at individual round tables for 100+ show participants.  You can get out of the sun, have lunch, rest, enjoy DJ Andy music, and have a nice place to enjoy the day out of the sun.

Lunch is served!  Not just any lunch!  Grilled lunch Firebird / Speedway Style!
Speedway concessions will be back for 2012.

The 2012 All Firebird Cruise to Saratoga PBA
2012 All Firebird Cruise assembly site at Maple Avenue Firehouse, 613 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866
Please Note:  You must sign a disclaimer upon arrival to participate in the Cruise!

The Cruise assembles Friday July 6, 2012 between 4:45 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and departs at 5:30 p.m. SHARPE!  Please do not be late.  We will need time to verify each car and assemble the line to depart at 5:30 p.m. sharp with New York State Police escort to the PBA.  PLEASE STAY IN LINE AND KEEP A TIGHT FORMATION so that non-Firebirds cannot jump into line along the route and disrupt the Cruise.  WE WILL STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS unless otherwise notified by State Police during assembly. 
We will obey all traffic laws for the entire cruise.  We will have radio communications between the lead cars and end cars.  In the event that any Firebirds are caught at a Traffic Signal, the rear cars will radio the lead cars and the entire Cruise will pull to the right shoulder and wait for the rest of the Cruise to catch up.  When we approach the Saratoga PBA, we will all take a Left Turn into the Saratoga PBA.  The New York State Police escort will advise us at assembly if we will blow stop signs and red lights or if we will stop.
We will Cruise directly into the Saratoga PBA and proceed directly to park on the paved area near the PBA Hall.  From there, you are free to look at the Firebirds, show, shine, and detail your Firebird, enjoy the Crazy Herb BBQ concessions, have fun, and watch the movie Smokey and the Bandit from the projection inside the Banquet Hall which will begin about 6:30 to 7pm.  Firebird Nation of North America Inc. will also offer a 50-50 raffle and the lucky winner will take home half of the total purse.  Please enjoy, have fun, and be safe.  Thanks, Tom Smith.
Directions to the 2012 All Firebird Cruise assembly site at Maple Avenue Firehouse, 613 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866
FROM NJ, NYC & the SOUTH:  Take I87 North to exit 15.  Stay left and Turn Left onto Route 50 South.  Go approximately 1.1 miles to 2nd Right turn onto US Route 9 North / Maple Avenue.  Follow Maple Ave approximately 1.7 miles.  Firehouse is on the left. Cruise leaves 5:30pm.
FROM Montreal & the North:  15 South to I87 South to exit 15 to Saratoga Springs. Stay Right to Follow Route 50 South.  Go approximately 1 mile to 2nd Right turn onto US Route 9 North / Maple Avenue.  Follow Maple Ave approximately 1.7 miles.  Firehouse is on the left. Cruise leaves 5:30pm.
If you have not pre-registered, please arrive by 4:30 pm, or you may be left out – this will be a blow out!
If you are pre-registered, please arrive by 5:00 pm, or you may be left out – this will be a blow out!

The 10th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show at Albany-Saratoga Speedway
2671 US Route 9, Malta, NY, 12020   phone: 518-587-0220

Forecast for Saturday calls for a chance of scattered late day showers South of Albany.

For DIRECTIONS please follow the link and click on Directions

TRAILER and Support Vehicle PARKING: Please Park in the Left Side spectator lot near the tree line.

This year we have even more trophies, more prizes, more food, and more Firebirds.  As a reminder, the purpose and focus of our show is on fundraising for Special Olympics, annual reunion of the Firebird family, and exchange of knowledge.  Although our show has many of the trappings of a national event, we strive to maintain a casual atmosphere without tech lines and politics.  We hope you will mingle with Firebird enthusiasts & Special Olympics athletes and coaches.  We encourage you to be generous with your donations upon entry and generous with your food & t-shirt purchases.  We trust you will have a fun Firebird time and enjoy a predicted 200 wonderful Firebirds that are coming from 15 US states and 2 provinces in Canada.

We thank you for your attendance & generosity.  All money raised is collected by Special Olympics Volunteers and FNONA members and goes directly to Special Olympics programs.


Saturday – July 7:  The 10th Annual All FIREBIRD Lawn Show kicks off at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 4:00 p.m. at ALBANY-SARATOGA SPEEDWAY, 2671 US Route 9, Malta, NY, 12020.   ph: 518-587-0220.

Directions here:


-- In addition to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies for stock and modified classes 1967-1969, 1970-1976, 1977-1981, 1982-1992, 1993-2002.  Other trophies include Special Olympics Athlete choice, Coach Choice, Mangino Pontiac-Buick Dealer choice, jumbo Stock Best of Show trophy, jumbo Modified Best of Show, and Best of the Best.

Plus Special Olympics athletes pick their favorite Firebirds for competitive ribbon awards. 

Back for 2012 is local professional DJ Andy Narzynski who has a great song list and top notch equipment.  We are sure you will like his music and style.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our website:  Click on the Download page and click on the Show Registration Form.  Print the form, fill it out, and bring it with you to the show.  Hand it in with your donation at the registration trailer.  While at the Downloads page, also get driving Directions, hotel / motel information, Show Flyer, etc.

Our insurance requires that you must register at the show trailer and sign the registration form to be on the field.  Goodie bags and dash plaques go to the first 100 Firebirds registered at the trailer.  Minimum donation for admission is $15.00 to Special Olympics however we request that you be as generous as possible.  Most people give from $20-50.00.  We especially thank those who give $75, $100, $150 and more!

Don’t forget the Car Corral.  If you have a Firebird for sale, you can only have ‘For Sale’ signs in or on your vehicle if you are in the Car Corral.  This will be a prominent location near the front of the field.  Don’t miss out.  Minimum donation is just $20 and you still get goodie bag, dash plaque, etc.  You can register for the Car Corral at the registration trailer when you sign in.

Display Rules for car show:
Hood & trunk open: hood down means for display only.  Trunk down costs deduction.
Convertible tops up:  top down costs deduction.
T-tops installed.  Tops out costs deduction.
Driver’s side window down
Dash card and judging sheet on driver’s side dash
No For Sale signs allowed except in Car Corral.

Each car should have a judging sheet on the dash at the driver side.  The top portion of the sheet should already be completed by the owner.  Please be sure to mark Stock or Modified on your Dash Card.

Owner Must Complete Judging Sheet with Name, Year, Model, Color, and Mileage.
Owner Must Leave Judging Sheet on Dash Board near driver’s open window.
All Hoods, Trunks, & Convertible tops must be up for judging.
All Front End Masks (bras) must be removed.
Hood down means car will not be judged. Convertible top down will cost points deduction.


2011 Commemorative Show T-Shirts in size SM, MED, LG, XL are just $15.  XXL and XXXL shirts are $18.  All are in stock and will be available at the registration trailer.  We have a few t-shirts left from previous years and DASH PLAQUES left from previous shows which will be available at blow out prices, so grab those too!  T-Shirts and food coupons will be available at the registration trailer throughout the day while supplies last.

As we grow, our insurance requires a few more ground rules set in place:

All Vehicle owners must register at the show trailer and sign a release form.  A minimum $15 donation to Special Olympics is required.

Vehicle owners please be advised that Special Olympics will not be responsible for damage to your vehicle.

Adequate space between each vehicle will be provided to reduce the chance of damage to vehicles.  If any driver requests additional space, we will try to accommodate you.

Vehicle owners may consider roping off their vehicle to protect it from damages caused by spectators.

Vehicle owners should have someone at their vehicle at all times.

The show grounds are a NO PET ZONE.  No umbrellas, tents, glass containers, and NO PETS OR BICYCLES are allowed on the show field.


Weather (Saratoga Springs Zip Code 12866) here:

Gas Prices here: and

If you are a guest at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott, hoses will be available for washing Firebirds.

REMINDER:  Pre-registration IS NOT REQUIRED.  You can just show up, register at the registration trailer, and join the fun & Firebirds.  Have fun, win prizes, and see the Birds.

Firebird Nation of North America, Inc. presents the 2012 All Firebird Lawn Show Awards

The Best of the Best competition class continues for 2012.

The Best of the Best class continues for 2012.  This class is open by invitation only to 2011 First Place in class winners and Best of Show Stock and Best of Show Modified winners and will be the only class in which those cars may compete for 2012.  The Best of the Best class will have their own unique trophy engraved as Best of the Best.  The Winner will be picked by participant judging. Only the following cars and owners may participant in the Best of the Best class.  Furthermore these cars and owners may not compete in any other class for 2012.

** Note: all participants that competed in the 2011 Best of the Best Class will participate in their regular classes for 2012.

Following is the list of 2011 All Firebird Lawn Show winners and invitees to the 2012 Best of the Best award class.

Name               Home Town       Class       Entry       Rank    Model
Ray DeCresenzo      Clifton Park, NY   1967-1969   Stock      1st   1969 Trans Am
John Bianco         Poughkeepsie, NY   1967-1969   Modified   1st   1969 Trans Am
George Berg         White Plains, MD   1970-1976   Stock      1st   1973 Formula
Chris Ek         Shrub Oak, NY   1970-1976   Modified   1st    1976 T/A
Tom Benvengi         Sykesville, MD   1977-1981   Stock      1st   1979 SETA
George Berg         White Plains, MD   1977-1981   Modified   1st   1978 T/A
Carl Hessick         Hopewell Jcn, NY   1982-1992   Stock      1st   1987 T/A GTA
Larry Michael         Shelburne, VT      1982-1992   Modified   1st   1992 Formula
Michael Hertz         Oceanside, NY   1993-2002   Stock      1st   2001 T/A Convertible
Bill & Deb Hall      Winooski, VT      1993-2002   Modified   1st   1998 T/A
Tony Tirone         Poughkeepsie, NY   Best of Show    Stock         1977 SE T/A
Vinny Hayes         Landing, NJ      Best of Show    Modified      2002 WS6 T/A

Special Awards:  Special Olympics Athlete Choice, Special Olympics Coach Choice, Special Olympics Participant Ribbons
Mangino Dealer Choice, Best of the Best
Jumbo Judged Best of Show Stock and Jumbo Judged Best of Show Modified trophy
Regular Judged Classes (1st, 2nd, 3rd place each class) 
   1st Generation Stock:    1967-1969           1st Generation Modified:      1967-1969
   2nd Generation-1 Stock:    1970-1976          2nd Generation-1 Modified:     1970-1976
   2nd Generation-2 Stock:    1977-1981          2nd Generation-2 Modified:     1977-1981
   3rd Generation Stock:    1982-1992          3rd Generation Modified:      1982-1992
   4th Generation Stock:    1993-2002          4th Generation Modified:      1993-2002

In keeping with our down-home low-stress family friendly show style, there will be no tech line.  Each participant will determine his/her Class at time of entry.  Following are All Firebird Lawn Show Class Competition Guidelines and Clarifications.  We reserve the right to move any entry not properly classed. As always, the decision of our judges is final.
Stock Class guidelines and allowable exceptions:
All Stock entries will be judged on cleanliness and attention to detail over the entire car from top to bottom and based on 100 point
system.  Convertible tops up, T-Tops installed, driver side window down.  Stock entries will also be judged on correctness and
originality of a stock car.  The key here is that any exceptions should maintain a stock appearance.  Someone entering the stock class
should expect that maximum points will go to the most factory correct or factory appearing correct car.  The following are allowable
exceptions in Stock Class competition:

Any stock appearing floor mats, door handle inserts, door lock knobs, aftermarket shifter.
Any Firebird wheels from the same model year, 
Any updated tires and stock appearing valve stem caps.
Any aftermarket exhaust system (excluding headers) with stock appearing tips.
Any factory option from the same model year and any stock appearing window tints
Any updated radio, stereo, CB, or radar detector that fits without dash modification.
Any stock type body side moldings or factory type aftermarket replacement parts
The stock hood scoop made functional (opened up)
All parking stickers, permits, and club stickers are permitted.

Modified Class guidelines and changes requiring placement in Modified Class
All Modified entries will be judged on cleanliness and attention to detail over the entire car from top to bottom and based on 100 point
system.  Convertible tops up, T-Tops installed, driver side window down.  Modified entries will also be judged on presentation,
quality of workmanship, ‘coolness’, ‘bling’, and cohesiveness of theme.

The following changes require automatic placement in the Modified Class:
Any custom paint including a non-factory available color
Any non-factory headers, or aftermarket, fabricated, or custom intakes
Any non-factory engine chrome, aftermarket carburetor, or non-stock appearing wheels
Any upholstery changes that are clearly non-factory in appearance, design, or color.
Any audio system that includes dash modification or large amplifier systems.
Any exterior speaker systems that are clearly non-factory appearance in design or color.
Any non-stock appearing emblems, birds, paint, or graphics.
Any body modifications including non factory hoods, scoops, blending of seams, etc.
Any aftermarket engine or other engine not available on that model year
Any aftermarket blower, fuel injection, turbo, tunnel ram, nos, tubbed, roll cages, etc. 

Please have a safe and carefree trip.

Tom & Sandy Smith (Event Founder)
Special Olympics Capital District Region, certified coaches
Saratoga Springs NY

1970 L78 Formula YS400 Hardtop
1999 WS6 Formula T-Top (ASC #169 of 175)
Just an old guy driving a young mans dream.
1970 Formula YS400, a matching #s Hard Top survivor in Arrest Me Red
1991 WS6 Trans Am Convertible, 1 of 555, gone but not forgotten.
1999 Formula WS6, 1 of 175 made