Author Topic: Decisions to make on my birds and i would like opinions  (Read 609 times)

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Decisions to make on my birds and i would like opinions
« on: January 24, 2012, 11:18:53 PM »
So I have 2 birds, an 80 yellowbird and an 80 formula turbo, and i dont know which one to restore first.  I was planning on buying an 80 esprit and exchanging shells with the yellowbird and putting the interior in the formula, but the guy is always giving me the run around and was supposed to show me the car 2 times already and has never called back to give me his adress.

The yellowbird has alot taken off, all interior is out except dash and rear speaker shelf (i still cant figure out how to remove that) but i need to fix the floors before i can take off the subframe/engine/trans and repaint/rebuild it all, then it needs a section of the tail panel welded. It leaks trans fluid dunno from where and the rear end has a leak too. Also need an inner fender and 2 fenders or patches atleast

The formula has only dash and speaker shelf as well, body is solid with a small rust spot on the quarter panel, and about a dime spot on the roof, no rust anywhere else though, it needs the subframe swapped because it is slightly bent from an accident, but i already have a ws6 subframe to replace it, needs a fender patch to replace a dent where it was in the accident, and it needs the hood straightened out as well, but i have a turbo hood off of a ta that i can use that has a turbo trans am air brushed onto it and then id like to redo that subframe and rebuild/freshen up the engine and trans as well, and clean up the undercarriage and paint it all in epoxy or something

I would sell my yellowbird but i dont think id get the 1200 or so i put into it lol and besides i need the interior for the formula lol, and in my opinion it would be easier to swap shells than cut toe pans and a floor pan section as well as a tail panel then reweld them. So it looks like im stuck on the yellowbird, but id like some advice. I plan on atleast cutting out the rotted part of the floors and i got some rustoleum rust reformer and sandable primer that i plan on putting around where i cut to avoid rust coming back.