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elec window upgrade
« on: June 05, 2007, 12:56:25 AM »
Hi All
Ive just joined this great site, im down in New Zealand and have recently purchased a 77 limited edition Bandit.
So recent in fact, its only just leaving the good ol USA on its way downunder.
This is the realisation of a dream that started for me 30 years ago, when at age 13 I saw Smokey chasin the Bandit on the big screen.
Anyway here is my question, The car I have has manual windows and Id like to convert it to power windows.
I know the motors, switchs and emblem covers are available on ebay, so my question is this:
Has anyone done this and if so what involved ?
I know when a car is manufactured, often they make one loom for all models, so often a car with manual windows is already wired for the power option, is this the case here ?

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Re: elec window upgrade
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2007, 08:55:08 AM »
You will actually need to get a few things.  The wiring is one thing you will need.  You can sometimes find that on Ebay or maybe post it on the forum here under the parts section.  Sometimes people have extra parts like that from their cars.    The wiring that you will need actually just plugs into your existing wiring harness.  The wiring for the power windows has a two part plug on it.  So, you can use your exisiting wiring harness with this wire harness for the power windows without making any modifications or splices or cuts to your harness.  You will also need the boots that go between the car and the door to protect the wiring inside the door jamb.  You might also need some measurements form a power window car to make sure you mount the window motor in the right spot for everything to work correctly.
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Re: elec window upgrade
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2007, 10:15:44 PM »
The best thing to do is to get a service manual from here: 

Then go here to see how the wiring is connected:

The service manual will show you what pieces of harness and switches you need.  Then go to the above site to see pictures of how it all fits together.  You might as well add power door locks while your at it.  The one thing people forget are the switch retainers.  Little insignificant metal pieces that fit into the door panels (for the door locks) or the console (for the power window switch).  You'll need those retainers to secure the switches.

The power window regulators don't fit in the same holes as the manual ones, so you'll have to drill some for the power window regulators.  I think there are dimples at the drill points. 

I also have a document that shows how a door gets modified from manual to power...this pertains only to the regulator but is very helpful.  PM me if you want it.