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South-By-Southwest Music Festival (SXSW)
« on: March 19, 2012, 06:23:51 PM »
I did some minor dabbling into the South-By-Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) over the weekend.  I think this was the 26th year, and it is an absolutely HUGE annual event here in Austin, TX.

The festival include hundreds of venues/locations with live bands from all over the country (lots of international too!) all day every day for a week.  Back during the first few years of SXSW (late 80’s / early 90’s) I poured tons of effort and money into seeing as much of it as I could.  It was a real endurance contest, but worth it…. for a young single guy.

Nowadays, to “really” do it takes far more effort than I am willing to give it.  But… my wife made me get out and see some of the smaller “free” shows to celebrate her birthday, and I’m glad we did it…. we had a great time.

We knew that the trifecta of Saturday Evening in Downtown Austin / SXSW / St. Patrick’s day would make for horrific traffic…. So we hauled our bikes to a strategic spot, and traveled to the various venues on them.  That was fun, and there were only a few instances of stark terror.  The weather was perfect!  Cool and a little cloudy.

We saw a show put on by a recording studio called Ramble Creek…. It was like a backyard party at a residence…. but there were literally hundreds of people there.  We saw a set by a guy named Doug Burr…. Singer/songwriter from Fort Worth.   Thought he was great and there was free beer… win win….

Moved on to the Hi Ball Lounge (restaurant / bowling alley / dance hall rolled into one) with a “honky tonk” party going on for SXSW.  I love “real” country music (the kind you will never hear on the radio) and we saw one of my local favorites – Rodger Wallace play.  I forget the next band (shame on me) but they were “bringin’ it!”.  Decent crowd but not mobbed so had room to two-step with the wife several times.

Hopped back on the bikes for a long ride back uptown.  Part of the trip included the hike-n-bike trail near a large outdoor venue called Auditorium Shores.  They have a massive concert going on.  The trail wind directly behind the stage so we stop and listen to “The Cult” play for a while.  Then pedaled North again.

Ended up at a pub called the Dog and Duck.  They are not technically part of the SXSW deal, but they were having a St Paddy’s day blow-out.  Closing that show was Ian McLagan…. Some of you may know him….  He was in Small Faces / Faces in the 60’s and 70’s.  They were great and they are Austin locals nowadays.  His guitar played is Judd Newcomb and he was “on” that night.

Good Time!  Google SXSW and let me know if you’re coming down next year!
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