Author Topic: 1981 turbo TA wiring??  (Read 483 times)

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1981 turbo TA wiring??
« on: March 22, 2012, 01:16:11 PM »
Hey guys, my 81 turbo trans am now has a sbc 350 and a muncie m22. The motor was done before I bought the car. There are a few misc. electrical problems with the car (bright light indicator doesn't work, horn doesn't work, no warning buzzer, sometimes interior lights wont come on when the door is open). Rather than go through the wiring that the previous owner hacked up to try and diagnose and fix everything, I would rather just spend some money and either buy a whole new kit or pay to have a shop install a whole new kit. I'm located in western ohio, and was hoping someone knew of a good shop who would rewire the car for me. If not, let me know the best way to go to rewire the car myself. I'd really like to avoid doing this myself, because I hate the tedious process of wiring, but if there is no other option then I guess I have to. Also, if im going to go the aftermarket wiring route, do they make a kit to make it easier to install a sbc? (I know the starter and battery are on opposite sides, I dont know if that matters or not).

Eventually, I'm going to go with a new crate motor, and either a TKO 600 or t56 and I want all the wiring to correct before I change the drive train. Thanks in advance!