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Fuel gauge
« on: April 07, 2012, 08:49:20 PM »
I just want to check and make sure I have things right before I drop my tank and replace the sending unit.  I have read the prior post on the site and used the information to check things out.  My fuel gauge has been on E since I bought it and I am trying to fix it.  When I un-plugged the wire harness in the trunk the gauge went way past full.  I decided to lower the fuel tank and look at the sender Wire (tan) and it's connections as well as the ground wire (black).  The tan sender wire was un hooked but I'm not certain that it did not come loose when I lowered the tank.  The ground wire was attached.  I took a small wire brush and cleaned the connector on the sending unit and re-connected the tan sender wire after checking continuity as part of it was flat. 

I hooked everything back up turned the key and the gauge went way past Full.  I tried to disconnect the ground and it still stayed way past full.  I then disconnected the tan wire from the pink wire at the connector housing at fuel neck and the gauge still showed way past full.  I could not get the gauge to go back to empty as it has been since I bought the car 4 years ago.  I finally un hooked the connector in the trunk and grounded the pink wire and my gauge went back to empty.  My car is a 79 T/A and I think that I have a bad sender.  Sorry for the long write up but I wanted to list every thing I did.  Any help is appreciated.
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