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Delco am/fm/cb questions
« on: April 10, 2012, 08:54:30 PM »
Hey guys, I recently picked up a Delco Am/Fm/Cb radio. This is the all-in-one cb radio, with the CB brains self contained. When I first got it, I hooked it to a battery and some speakers, and it showed no signs of life, except for some dust popping in the volume pot.
For a split second, it played some music on the FM channels. Then I moved the radio and it stopped. Seeing how I had nothing to lose, I took it apart. I got it back together, and upon plugging it in, it played music, lit up, and the CB display worked. Quite a nice surprise!
The only thing though, the CB half on the radio is totally dead, except for the display. In the monitor position, it cuts out the radio like it's receiving a transmission, but it just stays like that. Ditto for the CB position.
So, with still nothing to lose, I took the radio partially apart again. I noticed that the CB antenna solder joint had broken on the PCB. I resoldered it, and put it all back together and plugged it in. Still nothing...and I did have a CB antenna plugged in.
I remember some old CBs wouldn't make ANY sounds (Receiving or Xmitting) without the mic plugged in. This radio didn't come with a mic.
So, I tried to use a jumper wire to see if I could somehow get it to at least listen to the channel. Still nothing. I hope I didn't fry something by using the jumper... Could I have keyed the Xmit function and fried my CB circuit? I dont have a SWR meter, so I didnt check the SWR. I don't want to track down a mic if I killed any chance of this thing working...
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