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No Spark! Any ideas????
« on: May 28, 2012, 11:07:43 PM »
Ok i have a 76 400 auto car i just picked up. It was a disaster. The guy had parked it and built a wall 2 ft around it in his car port. Its been sitting for years. He was a cat person and had 4 cats living in the engine compartment and cat food dishes on the hood when i found it. There was more fur and cat food in this engine bay than in an animal shelter.... yuck...

Anyways, i defurred it and im trying to get it running. It has a '69 400 in it if i remember right. Its got an HEI distributor. The ignition cylinder is messed up(turns without a key in it and it doesnt have a park lock on it. When you turn the key everything appears to be functional. Buzzers, etc. It will crank over when engaged just like it should.

I have tried to diagnose the distributor. I have checked the "Bat" connection and have 12 volts to it when the key is turned. I also have 12 volts to the B+ terminal. I have checked the coil and the ohms seem to be reading ok. It will fluctuate all over the map when i move the voltmeter probes but it seems to settle down to 1. I went to the auto parts store and checked a brand new one and it seemed to do the same. I didnt replace the coil but I did go ahead and replace the module. That still didnt help.

Im stumped. Could it be something with the ignition switch? Any ideas on what to check next?