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engine and transmission ID confirmation
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:41:24 PM »

So I am new to trans am and car restoration. it is something I grew some interest in and unfortunately got jerked around on my first car(1979 trans am). VIN=2w87w9L174014
I was told it was the original 6.6 motor. When I got home I researched the VIN resulting in the finding of this great site. The 5th digit is a W. I quickly got angry( even though I should have researched first. dumb me.) called he back and he just responded with the previous owner told me it was the original motor and that it was a 6.6..

further in I cleaned the motor up under the head on the passenger side and found YU stamped on the block. Further searched and cleaned block where the VIN is supposed to be located and found numbers that appear to be 278N175463.
I found what I believe to be a 400 stamp on driver side bottom of engine.
I found another stamp on the back but hard to see. picture below.
just separated chassis off sub frame, and am now trying to find out what transmission I have. There is a big D6 on top. is there any other things to do to completely determine?

also the sub frame mounts were rusted out. are they repairable or should I look for something different.
this has been a huge learning experience, and some closure on what Iv found so far would be very much appreciated!!!