Author Topic: Curious to know what everybody thinks my 79 TA is worth.  (Read 1011 times)

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Curious to know what everybody thinks my 79 TA is worth.
« on: July 07, 2015, 12:09:44 AM »
Hello everybody,

I was just curious as to what you think my 1979 Trans Am is worth.  It is a mostly original, 3 owner, numbers matching WS6 with original build sheet.  I have had the car a little over a year and I am in the process of restoring it  The gentleman I got it from is a good friend of mine who has had it since 1987. The vehicle was basically parked for the last 20 years, although he did get it out and drive it at least a couple times a year - maybe 10k miles in 20 years.  The last 6 years however, it was in his back yard - just baking in the Arizona sun.

This beauty is an Arizona car so there is no rust and no major damage. The Paint is original, it is chipped and dinged, but it is not blistered or faded. Hood graphic and baddly sun faded. There is 160K miles on it and I woould say it runs and drives great. It does have, original to the car, after market, sub frame connectors and T-Tops done by Cars & Concepts. (presumably point of purchase from the dealer in 1979). They do not leak.

Work Iíve done over the last year:

Engine & supension:  Of course the standard plugs, distributer cap, etc. New tires, brake boost, brakes, rear calipers and rotors.  New shocks and sway bar bushings (front and rear), new steering box (quick ratio) and idler arm. New gas tank, fuel pump, and carburetor. New water pump, thermostat and radiator rodded out.  Fixed intake manifold leak and the a/c and cleaned engine bay.

Interior: Color change from light blue to black.  New carpet, headliner, door glass & rollers, door panels, door and window seals. New rear deck with new sterio and speakers. Some new interior panels rest painted black.  Need front and rear seats reupholstered  to finish. Dash is original and is light blue (I am intending on change it to new black one later).

Remaining work to complete: Front/rear suspension bushings, springs, etc, exaust, reupholser seats, put in new dash, body and paint, and tiddy up ods and ends.

So there she is. Let me know what you think. Sorry, but the picture below is the only pic I have available at the moment.
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