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'76 455 rebuild
« on: January 25, 2017, 09:31:33 AM »
Hello fellow Pontiac enthusiasts,

I just joined this forum on Sunday.  Long time reader, first time poster.  Thanks for all the great threads out there.

I'm currently in progress of rebuilding a '76 455 that came out of Grand Safari with less than 60k miles.  I now have it down to an empty block and everything looks like it just came off the factory floor.  It must have really been babied. 
Well,..  it was in a wagon..
Anyway, this will eventually get dropped into my '77 TA with the original 4 speed.  Weekend cruiser.  No track time.  Just the occasional clutch dump to help the kids understand what true torque feels like. 
Since this is my first Pontiac rebuild I was hoping to get a little insight on my parts list.  Please throw any red flags if you see them.

Comp Cam Lifter kit K51-230-3 Grind 260H - Hyd. flat tappets
Edelbrock 2156 Performer Intake and gaskets
Federal Mogul Rebuild kit w/ stock bore flat top forged alum. pistons
Using the stock push rods
Heads will be off the original 400 the car came with.  6X-4 - Will be rebuilt by local machinist - Have not decided on porting and polishing yet.
Zoom MU series clutch - MU5505-1
Stock carb off the 455.  Rebuilt and cleaned
Ram Air Manifolds from RAM Air Restorations
2.5 oval exhaust from RAM Air Restorations

Any input is appreciated, good or bad.

Thanks all!