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Chevy 383 swap Throttle cable
« on: February 09, 2017, 07:34:58 PM »
Have a 77 TA with a Chevy 383/350 swap mated to a tremec 5 speed. Its the GM performance stroker motor,  with GM aluminum heads and GM intake manifold. Recently I slapped on a Holley 700cfm double pumper. The throttle cable is too long, it will mate with the carb however it forms "S" shape coming out of the firewall. As a result, my throttle pedal is stupid stiff after about half throttle. My body literally lifts to get WOT, its that hard.

I want to point out that I never really noticed if the throttle cable was too long before with my previous Holley carb. This became an issue after installing the new double pumper and noticing the binding throttle. Maybe the cable was kinked, maybe its the carb secondaies? I dont know. But the cable is too long either way.

Ordered this on Summit. Seems like a throttle cable for a TA w/ a chevy swap. I wont be home for a month or so to install. Meanwhile, I'm exploring other options.

Question is, if this cable isnt short enough, are there any adjustable brackets or other cables people have used with similar issues?
Eddlebrock caries something of the sort, but cant find anything from Holley.

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