Author Topic: Detroit Speed Front Sub Frame / Soild Body Mounts / Weld in Sub Frame Connectors  (Read 3028 times)

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Is there any way you could PM me your email address?  I only ask because finding people / enthusiasts as honest and as helpful as you is rare and I'd like to have you on tap as I move forward in my build.  It's bound to take another 5-10 years before the car is complete and I'd like to have you as a resource moving forward.

Thank you for the tips / consideration on looking in to the pro-touring F body braces and whatnot.  I'll likely pick that stuff up too when it's time to hang the fenders again.

I believe I paid $75 for the OEM inner fender extensions.  I'm not all that concerned with the appearance so as long as they perform the given task.  So I think I'll at least try to get them to work before trying to flip them.

As far as the grade/thickness of steel D.S.E. uses; I'm not sure of that but I'm going to speak to them at least one more time when they call me to inform me the frame has been shipped.  I'll be sure to ask this question and I'll post it here.

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