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1976 Trans Am: Build related question
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:25:44 PM »

 My name is Andrew and I'm about to begin the second chapter of a pro-touring build. I know what I'm about to ask is a very difficult question to answer but I want to pose it because I'm afraid the price quote I was offered is a bit high.

 I own a 1976 factory 400 4 Speed car. Single owner car. Rust free. 32,000 original miles. Numbers Matching car.

 In 2008 I had a ladder bar/coil over w/ track bar rear suspension installed, 8 point cage, Strange Rear end, drag racing rear Brakes, interior completely redone and mini tubs installed for approx. $16,000.

 I've recently decided to start the next chapter and will be having the following things done:

 1.) Discard everything forward of the firewall (motor, front sub frame, transmission, wheels, suspension, brake booster, radiator) (THROW OUT EVERYTHING)
 2.) Replace factory front sub frame with Detroit front sub frame
 3.) Replace factory body mounts with solid body mounts
 4.) Add in weld in Detroit Speed sub frame connectors
 5.) Discard driveshaft
 6.) Strip car of all fuel lines, brake lines, factory gas tank, exhaust, exhaust hangers, clips, clamps (EVERYTHING UNDER THE CAR EXCEPT for the 4 link rear suspension and brakes
 7.) Wire brush, prep, seal and paint entire under side of car.
 8.) Add new/gas tank (OEM style)

I've purchased and paid for all parts already (including the new tank (and associated pump, sending unit), Detroit speed frame, Detroit speed frame connectors, pro-touring f-body mounts and hardware) much would you be willing to spend on the LABOR for this? I guess the better question would be how many MAN HOURS should I be expecting?

 I would post what I was quoted but I'd like un-aided opinions so I don't skew your take on this. I'm curious because the quote that I was provided was including the price of parts before I decided to purchase them - and what I WAS provided was a very vague write up to begin with.  Before I drop off the car in late April and before I sit down with my builder (tomorrow or next week) I'd like to have as sound of an opinion/idea as possible.

 I need to add in that I've already removed the fenders, hood, inner fender walls, interior carpet, seats, belts and center console so the builder doesn't have to worry about an of that. 

To simplify:  What's a realistic price that I should expect to be charged just for the LABOR for this?

 Thank you,

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Re: 1976 Trans Am: Build related question
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 03:12:59 PM »
Typical labor is around $110 an in Washington State.  I'm sure it varies state to state...but its a starting gauge.
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