Author Topic: Is this 76 Firebird a TA and if so what is the value based on the rare color?  (Read 734 times)

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So I have been presented with the opportunity to buy an all original low mileage 1976 Firebird in Goldenrod Yellow. But the way I read the cowl tag it seems like it is  just a Firebird. The Cowl Tag is as follows

ST76 2FS87 N 132449BDY
TR 19N A51 51L 51UPN1

The S after the 2F scares me so I want to know what the experts on this forum have to say. And I cannot find a single restored Yellow Trans Am for sale is there anyway to know how many were produced in yellow. It is a non T-Top car with a 400 and I hope to have the VIN later tonight.

Thanks for the help.

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2FS87 means it was built as part of the Firebird line-up, and all Trans Ams are Firebirds. They all have that.

Below that, WS4 is the Trans Am option. This is only stamped on Norwood factory car plates so you got lucky or you'd have to check the actual VIN in the windscreen. That's the N in the top line.

19N is Black vinyl interior

51L/51U is Goldenrod Yellow