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Car Alarm Viper install
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:01:29 AM »
To all my Trans Am Bretherin......Problems I have encountered, if installing yourself.
Be aware Viper Systems do not have any Tech Support if you are not a Dealer/Installer
Additionally, you may need additional relays to keep from critical malfunction....does not come with Vallet Switch or LED.

There are problems with the wireing diagram provided with the unit, so you will also need (Google Search) Viper 350HV Installation Guide, and if you have power locks please also review the Door Locking System Wiring Guide. both documents are found by searching......unless you have an installation buddy that is willing to assist.

I am very fond of the Viper system, so in my restoration of my 81 trans am I decided to purchase the 3105V for my car. I have over 30 years electronics, radio, avionics and computational system background. there are numerous places to purchase this item on line and no-one stated it was a dealer only item....FAIL! but no worries, I reviewed the instructions enclosed with my unit, and found several errors. 1. the unit comes pre-connected to the starter interrupt relay that is not mentioned in the wiring diagram included....2. more than one connection point is with such small gage wire I knew immediately that a relay would be needed...however the diagram mentioned nothing about I did some research and checking and found not only the Installation Guide but the door lock wiring guide....of which both are very useful but I still found conflicting information when it comes to conections of 5 in the installation manual, the ignition diagram has the starter kill relay and identifies the orange, green, and black....however says nothing about the new yellow wire till page 8. which is and black should go between the starter and the ignition the yellow should be labeled constant + or + when ignition on etc.....the second half of page 5 has the parking light diagram.....your wires are too small gage to simply hook up to some light systems so a gain a relay should be used....however there is no mention of it or diagram; but you show one for the dome light circuitry.....The 3105V does not come with the valet switch, needed relays, nor the LED that is mentioned so many times throughout the guide.
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