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1979 Y84 4 Speed from rags to riches
« on: August 20, 2017, 07:33:15 PM »
i bought this car  because it was a legit y84 factory 4 speed 301 car, 1 of 213 ever made. took almost a complete year to finish the project but it sold in one and a half days for fair good money. 

guy who bought the car never bought on line sight unseen and was very nervous.  i held his hand as always and he got the car in less than two weeks from our first conversation.  he is very pleased with the car and has sent me a few text messages saying how much he loves his new dream car.  it was and is not perfect but it surely is nice. 

here is a link to my full ad on my website.

here is the car as delivered.  it had red faded paint and no decals. 

engine area needed a lot of work

to my very crazy lucky surprise the engine in the car was a "PWH" stamped 400 which is correct for 1979 400 4 speed cars. 

tear down begins to bring it back to factory exterior

finished product.  i did all the work myself outside of paint and body and my brother helped me with the seat covers and my mechanic friend helped a lot with the mechanicals while i held the light.  all new paint and welded in new metal where necessary.  new decals and stripping. new front grills and nose emblem.  new tires and center caps/lugs.  new exhaust.  (seller actually did a good job underneath on this car with new shocks, springs and rear end and some patch panels.  all new interior, seat covers, carpet, package tray, door panels, headliner, stereo and speakers.  new dash bezel from randy combs, new shifter knob, etc.  new clutch, brakes, headers, dist. and wires, wire loom guides, new fuel pump, fan shroud, etc.  all new truck with spare and jack.  so many other smaller items fixed or replaced.

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