Author Topic: !978 TA Fender Flare & Welting Replacement - Update  (Read 881 times)

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!978 TA Fender Flare & Welting Replacement - Update
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:56:21 PM »
Hey guys, I'm replacing my original flares and welting on my 78 Black TA.  I have purchased the premium black welting and was wondering if anyone has installed this without painting the welting.  Since the car is black and the welting is already a matte black I thought it may look OK as is.  If anyone has done this, a pic would be great!  Thanks!

Update: I ordered the Starlight Black Welting from this guy. He's making welting that's properly colored and no painting is required and it looks great!.  No painting means no chipping, cracking paint.
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