Author Topic: 1980 T/A transducer vacuum for cruise control  (Read 51 times)

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1980 T/A transducer vacuum for cruise control
« on: March 15, 2019, 10:57:26 PM »
I am curious, where does the vacuum get created at for the cruise control, at the transducer or at diaphragm? the cruise on my 80 T/A quit working. I have checked all hoses, all ok, no leaks. There are no hoses going to the block or carb for vacuum either. When I squeeze the diaphragm the moves the linkage at the carb ok. So when I pull the hoses off the transducer I do not hear or feel any vacuum been created. So does that mean that the transducer is faulty? Thank you
p.s. the cruise control used to work ok before and if I remember,  when I would pull a hose off the transducer the car idle speed would roughen up like a vacuum leak. when I put the hose back on it would go back to smooth idle.
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