Author Topic: Retarded Timing, hot in traffic, Advanced Timing, hot at highway speeds  (Read 1078 times)

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I never had high temp issues on the highway but terrible issues in traffic. Come to find out my timing was really retarded. Now, timing at 31 overall, and I should point out I installed a 160 t-stat, just because, now Iím cool in traffic (because Iím blowing 3000 cfm fans) and Iím at 220 or a bit more in overdrive at 70 mph. WTH, to advanced now? Flowing to fast with the 160?? Thoughts?

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The comment about "3000 cfm fans" leads me to believe you have electric fans on it. If that is the case, is sounds like you do not have a proper fan shroud on it and air is by passing the radiator. The original shroud is there to direct airflow through the radiator. Air is lazy and will take the path of least resistance. If there is no shroud, or if the shroud is too small, the air is not being drawn through the whole radiator.  Fabricate a shroud that matches the shape of the radiator to your fans to directs air flow through the radiator.  Or get rid of the electric fans and put an original fan and shroud on it. Either one should fix your over heating problem.
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x2 look into that info. Cars cool fine on a highway, they don't need fans as sufficient flow is coming in anyway and will not tell you of any issues.