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Clutch issue
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:10:21 AM »
Hello all, I have a question on a problem I had with clutch and wonder if any of you have had it also. 1976 TA 455 go 4 speed. I put my trans and clutch in my car and adjusted as speced. When I drove it I noticed that when I would shift it would grind abit. I adjusted rod until it was shifting great. I have about 2 inches of free play on bottom of Pedro and it doesn’t grind. I started to notice an oil leak from some where in the rear and started to chase the leak, with no luck. After talking with my machine shop, I brought it to them to look at they called me and said the clutch was adjusted to tight and it caused the thrust bearing to go out letting the crank move forward and causing leaks and damage. I have never heard, nor does this make sense. The motor has about 150 break in miles on it. They only thing I can think is the pilot bearing put stress on end of crank and that might do it, but when I put trans in it slipped right in not pressure issues. And help or personal advice would sure be appreciated