Author Topic: '81 Turbo Formula project car for sale - Dallas, TX, asking $1950  (Read 1391 times)

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 For sale, 1981 Turbo Formula

 Located in Dallas, TX


 First, I am listing this for a Gentleman that
originally had two small pics on Craigslist. So,
if you reply to this post or me - you've got the
wrong person. As this car is about 10 miles from
me I would assist anyone that's serious about it's
purchase. Also, I may make an offer in the next
few days of my own... But I don't "need" it.

 Ok, the owner "John" knows that there's a good
deal of work needed and that's why his asking price
is $1950 and is willing to negotiate.

 John's phone 972-505-9022

 The car does not currently run and so would have
to be towed.

 The body seems pretty straight and floor pans looked
good. Originally this Formula was Gray. Cowl Tag says:

 19N 84L 84U

 Again, this is a project car and an opportunity for
somebody. And no, I'm not on commission.

 Here's the pics I took...

 John's phone 972-505-9022, asking $1950
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