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    Ok, why do you ask is a Third Generation here mainly on a Second Generation website?  Well, I thought I would make mention of the Bandit II Firebirds because of their obvious flashback to the Second Generation Special Edition Trans Am's of the 70's and early 80's.  The Bandit II Firebirds were produced by a company called "Choo Choo Customs" (sometimes referred to as "Chattanooga Customs" or "The Custom Center") out of Tennessee.  This Bandit II was strictly an Appearance Package that was performed on Firebirds from 1987 to 1992 and consisted of a "mock" shaker scoop on the hood, custom gold decals and striping reminiscent of the Special Edition Trans Ams, gold snowflake type rims, special ground effects, and custom embroidery on the front seat head rest signifying the "Bandit II", and a plaque on the dash signifying the serial number of the car such as #143 out of 500.  The package was mainly performed on the base Firebird with the 305 V-8, but there are also some base model Firebirds out there that have this package done and have the V-6 engine in them.  According to various sources, there were approximately 500 produced each year for 1987, 1988, and 1989, and then 600 produced each year for 1990, 1991, and 1992.  In the past 8 years or so, I have only seen a handful of these cars.... less than 10 actually.  Out of all of these cars, I have never seen a serial number out of the 100's.  So, how many of these cars were actually produced is really unknown.  I do know that you really do not see many of these cars out there on the roads today.

     I have talked with quite a few people over the years who have stated that they own one, or know of someone who owns on, but as of this date, there is still no one out there that is keeping track of these cars or know how many actually do exist.  If you or anyone else knows of a "Bandit II Edition" from Chattanooga Customs, please email me here and let me know: BanditIIEdition@78ta.com.  I would also like to possibly start a "Registry" of Bandit II Firebirds and document how many of these cars are still left on the road.

1989 Bandit II Firebird #143 of 500 owned by Brett Campbell from Ohio

1990 Bandit II Firebird #45 of 600 from NY

1991 Bandit II Firebird #70 of 600 from IL

1989 Bandit II Firebird #152 of 500 from TN

1991 Bandit II Firebird #130 of 600 from OH

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