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Hood Birds
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Now I know that there were alot of different color variations in these birds over the years.  I am not trying to represent all of the different colors... rather I am trying to represent the different Styles of Hood Birds that came on Trans Ams.  I am trying to find even more differences so please be patient with me during this process.
If you need to know how to allign your hood bird or decals ... Click Here

1973 Hood Bird

1976-78 One Color Hood Bird

1977-78 Three color Hood Bird
(This style bird ended in 1978, from 1979 and later it was the bird located below)

1979-1981 Hood Bird
(also notice the head of the bird facing a different direction)
(This bird also come on the 1978 Y88 Gold Special Edition Trans Am)

10th Anniversary Hood Bird
(notice how the wings are much longer and actually extended onto the quarter panel)

Turbo Trans Am Hood Bird
(The head of the bird now faces back towards the driver like in 1977-78)

Here are a few not-so-factory Hood Birds.......
And one that wasn't even finished....
10th Anniversary decal..... not a 10th Anniversary car....

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