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    This is my Factory Build Sheet that I found behind the rear seats in-between the seat and the cardboard. This can be found in any number of locations such as under the rear seats or front seats as well. Search and you will find it. This Sheet can tell you anything you wanted to know about your car and what was originally shipped with it. This is one of the more important things you can find for your car. Many people ask me what their car came with and just send me the VIN Number or the Cowl Data Tag, but that won't tell you what your came with. They ask me if it is a Special Edition or not or if it came with T-tops, but the VIN Number and Cowl Data Tag won't tell you that. Your build sheet WILL. On this sheet is listed what was ordered and built on your specific car. Just to give you an example of what is listed here, on the picture, you can associate the letters with the following information:
A. Build date for your car B. 2W87Z8N (Trans Am Designation)
C. Stabilizer bar codes (helpful for WS6 designation) D. Steering Code (again, helpful for WS6)
E. Engine Code F. Transmission Code G. Exterior/Interior color codes
H. Wheel Codes (were they 15x7" or 15x8" rims)
I. This is the most important section because here you will find out more information
than you wanted to know about your Trans Am like:
AU3 - Electric door locks, A31 - Electric Windows, C60 - Air conditioning
B37 - Front and rear floor mats, CC1 - Hatch T-Tops, GM8 - 2.56 Rear axle gear
G80 - Positraction, L78 - V-8 400, K30 - Cruise control, M33 - 3 Speed automatic
WS6 - Handling package, WW7 - Hood bird decal, YJ8 - Aluminum wheels
And so much more......... For More information about RPO codes, check this page out: RPO Codes

J. Assembly Plant K. Dealer that your car was originally sold

     So, I can't stress enought that this is a VERY important sheet of paper that you need to find for your car. Your VIN number and Cowl Data is ok, but this will tell you just about everything you needed to know even Pace Car decals for the later 1980 cars, etc. You will find almost all of the answers you need on this sheet so that is why this one is very important and informative.
      The process of removing the back seats to check for the build sheet is pretty simple. Don't worry about breaking anything, because there really isn't too much back here that you can break. The first thing you need to do is get the back seat bottoms out. You can simply bush backwards towards the trunk and then lift up. There is just a bracket under there that holdsa the seat in. So, lift it up and out comes the seat bottoms.
Once the seat bottoms are out, you will see two bolts, one on each side of the back seatback. Remove those two bolts and then you can lift upwards on the seat back and slide it out. There are 3 brackets along the top of the back seat bench, one on each side and one in the center. Once you have removed the seat back you will see a peice of cardboard there. If you still have a build sheet, it would be located behind that cardboard peice close to the trunk.

Sometimes you won't find the build sheet...either it was removed from a previous owner, or in the case of a visitor, he found the culprit of why his build sheet was not there anymore. Someone made a bed out of it and was still there... eat your heart out Goldilocks.

Also, your build sheet will also correspond with alot of other options with your car and numbers. Of course, if you look at the upper right hand corner of your build sheet, it will match your VIN number:


Not only does it match your VIN number, but it will also correspond with your cowl plate data as well:


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