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     Alot of people get confused about this one....... This is the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 1976 Trans Am. This gets a little confusing because people say that 1979 was a 10th Anniversary, so how can a 1976 be a 50th Anniversary. Well, the 10th Anniversary was the 10th year of production of the "Trans Am". This 50th Anniversary is the 50th production year of Pontiac 1926-1976. There is the same confusion when you talk about the 30th and 35th Anniversary models as well. The 30th Anniversary was 1999, and the 35th Anniversary is 2002.. So how can a 5 year Anniversary fall only 3 years apart. Well, the 30th was the anniversary of the Trans Am 1969-1999 and the 35th was the anniversary of the Firebird 1967-2002. The Black and Gold Trans Am first made it's debut at the 1974 Chicago car show. If you want to check out photos of the actual car.. Click Here. There was such a good feedback from this show that they brought the infamous "Black and Gold" back for the 1976 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Trans Am. Pontiac decided to produce 2400 Limited Edition for the 1976 model year. This Limited Edition would include the following:

Black paint with Gold striping and trim
Gold polycast Honeycomb wheels
Gold grille and headlamp liners
Gold anodized instrument panel
Gold steering wheel spokes
Gold bird emblems inside and out
Special Gold 50th Anniversary emblems on the quarter panels
Hurst Hatch T-tops
L78 Pontiac 400 (455 was optional)

      All 2400 of the Limited Edition Trans Ams were supposed to be produced with the Hurst hatches, but Pontiac discovered that the Hurst Top tended to leak so only the first 643 Limited Editions had the Hurst roof, the remaining 1757 came without the Hurst Hatches. They were given the designation "Y82" and it did not matter if they had t-tops or not, they were still all designated "Y82". The Y81 code did not come out until 1977. The Limited Edition package with the Hurst Hatch roofs was an $1100 upgrade to the base Trans Am and the Limited Edition without the Hurst Hatches was only a $450 upgrade. The L78 Pontiac 400 was the standard engine and the L75 Pontiac 455 was optional. There were a few things that were dumped at the last minute. The first was Raised gold-lettered Goodyear tires which never made it and the second was black chrome tail splitters. The tail splitters proved to be too expensive to produced so they were dropped although a few did reach the production line (rumors say only 8 of them left the line with the black chrome tail splitters). So, if you have black chrome tail splitters... SAVE THEM.


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