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2008 Trans Am Nationals Dayton, OH

     Well, another year has gone by and so has the Trans Am Nationals.  It was another great year with over 427 Firebirds, Esprits, Formulas, and Trans Ams were in attendance.  It was a beautiful weekend... a little on the hot side, but a great weekend none the less.  We caught a little bit of rain during the awards presentation, but it wasn't enough to rain us out.  Special Thanks to all of the staff who put on this greta show for us year after year.  This year was the last year for the Dayton Airport Hotel, but the Nationals is moving right down the road for the next show.  Next year will be the 25th Year of the Trans Am Nationals, so it is something you don't want to miss.  This has been my 8th consecutive year attending the Trans Am Nationals and I am telling you it gets better every year.  Meeting old friends and new friends year after year only keeps getting better.

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There were cars from every Generation and every year.  Cars came from 31 different States and some from across the seas.  There were convertibles, Special Editions, Anniversaries, Pace Cars, Drag Cars, Customs cars, and just about everything else in between.







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Special Editions



10th Anniversaries and Pace Cars









Custom Cars


All in all it was a great weekend with over 400 Firebirds and Trans Ams.  Alot of great cars and alot of great people to meet.  If you have never come out the the Nationals, I STONGLY suggest it.  You meet and make alot of new friends and get to see alot of cool cars in the process.

Also this year was our 3rd Annual (I think it was the third) Cook-Out and Caravan down the the Trans Am Nationals.  We had a great time at the cookout on Thursday night.  Had some food, worked on some cars, and had a relaxing time.  The next morning, we headed down to the Nationals.  We started with 6 cars at our starting location, picked up another 6 cars at our second location, and finally picked up another 7 cars from out final location before the last leg down to the Nationals.  We had 17 Trans Ams and Firebirds and two trucks with trailers that came along just in case something happened with one of our cars. So, for the last leg of the trip, there were 19 of us rolling down the highways.  It was a great time and a great way to start off the weekend.

Thanks to all that came along for the ride.

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