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     This is just one of many things that originally came with the T/A that I have collected over the years.. I also have the Original owners manual, warranty info, spare tire info, tire warranty, maintenance schedule, and consumer information packet that came in the glovebox of the car originally. If you notice that the warranty information has the original dealership and original owners name on it.  I have alos colelcted alot of original books and dealers manual, original service manuals and color charts.  But I have alos colelcted alot of euqipment that was not original lon the car, but was for sale to place on the car back when the car was new like front ends bras, rear window louvers, T-top locks, jackets, and more.

Original Glovebox materials

Owners Manual

Spare Tire Information

Consumer Information

Pontiac Interior and Exterior Color Charts

Mantenance Schedule

Warranty Information

1978 Pontiac Service Manual

1978 New Product Information

1978 Fisher Body Manual

1978 Sales Brochures

1978 Hatch Roof Information

1978 Sales Brochures

Dealer Sales Manual

I also got my hands on another VERY COOL original peice of history as well, not only do I have the left mentioned Pontiac Dealer Sales guide, but I also have the"Dealer Edition" Pontiac Dealer Sales Guide which has every bullitin through 1977 and 1978 about changes being made to all of the options. This is a priceless collectors piece.

Dealer Sales Manual "Dealer Edition"


1978 Technical Bulletins



I also have some cool Original Jackets.


And of course I can't Forget my Smokey and the Bandit Stetson


Here is some of the extra equipment I have for the car.

Original Fisher T-top Storage Bags

Original Radio and 8-Track

Original Rear Window Louvers

Original Bra



Original T-top Locks


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