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     On the old site I had some multi-media files for download.  I have had a couple of people ask me where it went so I figured I would update the page and bring it back with some of the more popular downloads.  I have some music files here, some Trans Am commercials, some Trans Am videos, and some wallpaper for your desktop.  I try to make the files as small as I can without degrading the quality.  So if you are still on a dial-up, then you might have a hard time with some of these.  But if you have high speed like DSL, Cable, or maybe a T-1, then you should have no poblems.  If you have any requests of something you would like to see, send me an email and let me know.  If you need to download any of the media players, here are some links:

DIXV Media Player
Windows Media Player
Apple QuickTime


If you haven't seen the new Mountain Dew commercial out there with the 79 Trans Am, it's pretty cool. It is about a 4MB download, but I think it is worth it.

Mountain Dew Trans Am Commercial

Here are some other older TV Commercials.

1967 Firebird
1968 Firebird
1969 Firebird
1970 Firebird
1971 Firebird
1975 Firebird

1980 Trans Am Promotion

1988 Pontiac Commercial
1997 Firebird
1998 Hungry?
1998 Boo !
1998 Firebird

You can also check out some Vintage magazine advertisemtns here: Click Here.

Smokey and the Bandit Soundtrack
Here is the list of songs and what you get on the CD:

01 - The Legend
CB Dialogue
02 - Westbound And Down
03 - Foxy Lady
04 - Orange Blossom Special
05 - The Bandit
06 - March of the Rednecks
07 - If you leave me Tonight I'll Cry
08 - Eastbound And Down
CB Dialogue
09 - The Bandit
10 - And the fight played On
CB Dialog
11 - Ma Cousin Plays Steel
12 - Hot Pants Fuzz Parade
13 - The Bandit (Reprise)
CB Dialogue

If you would like a copy of this CD, Click Here

If you want to see about some of the Smokey and the Bandit Movie myths, Click Here.

Trans Am Video
Special Edition Trans Am Video

My 1978 Trans Am on
"Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations"


1998 Trans Am vs.
2003 Corvette

1998 Drag Races

Here is a video from GEARZ about the BAN 3 Trans Am from Year One.

Trand Am Wallpaper Backgrounds


Trans Am Road (1600x1200)

Trans Am Road (1600x1200)

Trans Am Road (1600x1200)

10th Anniversary Trans Am Hood (1600x1200)

Trans Am Bird (1600x1200)

1976 50th Anniversary Trans Am (1600x1200)



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