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     "With its beating wings embracing the remembrance of an air scoop, the monstrous flame-breathing black and gold bird on the hood announces your arrival onto the super slab. Seated deep in this street-fighter's cockpit, with luminescent dials giving you a read-out on the beast's pulse, you are indeed 'King of the Road'. The other cars out there are nothing more than transportation devices, a collection of anonymous and dreary shapes lurching homeward with their anonymous and dreary occupants tired after a day at the desk. But yours is not just a transportation device. It is not anonymous and dreary. From the shinny aluminum and gold spinning wheels to the enormous rear spoiler, with the vibrating ghost of an air scoop that actually makes it seem to come alive with each pulsation, and with the shrieking bird on the hood, it is an orgy of image and power. It is a Trans Am."
From Road Test, 1977

My 1989 Trans Am

My 1989 Bandit II Firebird

My 1998 Trans Am

Trans Am Collection


After Minor Restoration..... Like new paint and custom decals, new 17x9 snowflake rims and a few other changes.

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